Prophets and ahlebait and sahabies tombs

Pictures of graves of prophets, ahlebait and sahabies

Junnatul Baqi

A View of Junnatul Baqi Before Destruction

Foot mark of Hazrat Adam (AS) in Srilanka 1st Foot Mark on the Earth

Grave of Abbas bin Abdulmutlib (RA) Uncle of Prophet Muhammed PBUH

Grave of Amma Hawwa (RA) in Jeddah

Grave of Bibi Amina (RA )the Mother of Prophet Hazrat Muhammed PBUH in Abwa

Grave of Bibi Haleema Sadia (RA) Out Side Madina

Grave of BILAL HABASHI(RA), in Damascus

Grave of Hazrat Abu Talib (RA) Guardian and Uncle of Prophet Hazrat Mohammed (PBUH)

Grave of Hazrat Dawood (AS)in Israel

Grave of Hazrat IBRAHIM – Al-Khalil(AS), ISRAEL

Grave of Ummul Moamineen Syeda Hazrat Khatija Al Kubra (RA) in Macca

Grave of Hazrat Loot(AS) in Iraq

Grave of Hazrat Saleh (AS)

Grave of Hazrat Youshe (AS) in Jordan

Grave of Moosa (AS) in Israil

Grave of Prophet Shoaib (AS)

Grave of Prophet Yahyah (AS) in Jamia Masjid Damascus

Grave of Prophet Yahyah (AS) in Jamia Masjid Damascus inside view

Grave of prophet Zakaria (AS) in Syria

Grave of Syeda Bibi Fatima Zahra (RA)

Grave ofProphet Haroon (AS)

Graves of 4 Imams

Habeel Son of Adam(AS), 1st grave on earth

Habeel, another view of grave of Habeel, son of ADAM(AS)

Jannat ul Moala, before destructions – Macca

Jannatul BAqi Before Destruction

Junnatul Baqi Present

Makam e Ibrahim (AS) Makkah

Map of Janatul Baqi

Roza of 4 Imams, before destruction, the cage was made from pure GOLD

This is the place from where the TOOFAN-E-NOOH started, its in Musjid-e-Koofa, IRAQ

Tomb of Moosa (AS) and his companion in Israil

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